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Latest report on the clinical trials landscape in Australia (2006 – 2020) is now available

We are delighted to advise that we have published the latest update of the clinical trials landscape in Australia (2006 – 2020).

The purpose of this report is to provide a comprehensive outline of the key characteristics of clinical trials over time. Reporting on clinical trial activity is a crucial step in understanding where improvements may be needed in the clinical trials sector. This report can be used as a reference point when promoting Australian clinical trial activity at national or international forums.

We will be distributing the updated report to all key stakeholders.

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Searching clinical trials registers: guide for systematic reviewers (published April 2022)

Systematic reviews should incorporate as much relevant evidence as possible, and clinical trials registers are a key resource for finding eligible studies - including unpublished trials.

This paper provides step-by-step guidance on how to conduct systematic searches using clinical trials registers, to help you identify additional eligible studies for your systematic review. See:


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In 2021, we registered 1769 new trials and approved 2329 updates to existing registrations.

  • Since we first began operations in 2005, this is the greatest number of new trials and updates processed in a year!

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Insights from ANZCTR data

The landscape of COVID-19 trials in Australia (published May 2021)

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic ensued in a sudden emergence of clinical trials seeking to address the challenges of this disease. Bringing together ANZCTR and information, the authors delve into the trends characterising COVID-19 clinical trials in Australia, to reveal insights including the impact of fast track procedures and opportunities for global strategic coordination. See:

Data sharing—trialists' plans at registration, attitudes, barriers and facilitators: A cohort study and cross-sectional survey (published May 2021)

For meta-analysis and secondary research, participant data gathered during clinical trials is a valuable resource. However, data sharing is unfortunately limited at present. Analysing records from the ANZCTR and surveys with researchers, the authors explore factors shaping data sharing attitudes in Australia, and discuss how data sharing can be encouraged. See:

Previous report on the Clinical Trials Landscape in Australia 2006 – 2015 (published Dec 2017)

By looking at over 10,000 Australian clinical trials registered from 2006 to 2015, this report presents the trends and developments in the Australian trials landscape. To view this public report, click here.

Latest report on the clinical trials landscape in Australia (2006 – 2020) is now available. To view the updated report, click here.

The Clinical Trials Landscape in New Zealand 2006-2015 (published Dec 2018)

By looking at 2,485 New Zealand clinical trials registered from 2006 to 2015, this report presents the trends and developments in the New Zealand trials landscape. To view this public report, click here.

ANZCTR Data Audit Report 2019 (published Sep 2019)

The latest ANZCTR quality control audit affirms that the ANZCTR has a 99% completeness rate! Methods and results are explained. To view this public report, click here.

Other papers from the international trial registry network

Promotion of data sharing needs more than an emergency: An analysis of trends across clinical trials registered on the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (published Mar 2022)

Pre-existing trials data can be used for addressing new research questions. But how many clinical trials are willing to share their data? Through exploring the data sharing plans released by clinical trials from across 18 registries of the World Health Organisation platform (including the ANZCTR), the authors present the current global situation of data sharing. See:

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